Specializing in doing general Gunsmith repair work, all makes or manufacturers.

  • Broke or out of adjustment
  • Trigger Jobs & Action Work
  • Barrel Threading
  • Jeweling Bolts
  • Obsolete parts – can be hand made if necessary
  • Its Fast and Easy for you – Just drop it by or pop it in the mail
  • Federally Licensed

Items may be sent  via UPS or Fedex. I generally use Fedex ground – just pack it unloaded  into a small box, along with a brief description of problem and YOUR Contact info. and ship to this address.

Gun Vault LLC

500 2nd Ave. or P.O. Box 493

Edgemont, SD 57735

Use a Plain box – The contents should not be obvious.

Request Direct Signature Delivery

That’s it, drop it off at any shipment center or Fedex, UPS or Postoffice.

Gunsmith Repairs

Shop hour is $50  minimum 1/2 hour charge. If item needs further evaluation you will be contacted if the charge is over minimum time work before work is done of approximate cost. You can pay either with cash, credit card (credit card company charges 4% fee), check or paypal is surprisingly simple to use and pretty handy to.


Please call, if you have any questions or use the email below.

Don’t Forget to check your “Junk Mail” box for an answer from Brent or Karen at Gun Vault . Though we have a busy shop we generally answer questions withing 24 hrs. Sometimes right away


Samples of work:

Barrel Threaded and break

rps20170223 151551 516

Brent's jeweling

rps20170516 174025 899


Blk jeweled bolt


spiral bolt


Conversion of Saiga Shotguns



Another Saiga Converson



Mossberg 500 Conversion



toys 204


6.5 Creedmore

Repaired guns:

Repaired gun

This one went through a fire Before:

Griz gun 2

Fire Gun After:

rps20170217 132256 397


This 1911 just came in as a Frame only

custom 1911 960x540 2

Before Mossberg:

Mossberg Before

After Mossberg:

Mossberg After

Ruger Vaquero after



Another Trigger job on a new Talo Vaquero

rps20170223 144626 510