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To purchase a new or used gun from us simply call us at 1-605-662-7468(shot), alternate: 605-891-9082.

Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm MST, Sunday 1-5pm. We will walk you through the process of buying a gun from our site.  You may pay us for the firearm using a credit card.  Locate a firearms dealer in your area that will accept a transfer gun on your behalf.  Once we receive a copy of their Federal Firearms License we can ship your gun to the dealer who will transfer it to you.

PLEASE BE AWARE: We do not ship guns to the following states:
  • Massachsetts
  • New York, New Jersey
  • California
  • Connecticut.
Also, the cities of Chicago and Washington DC are not shippable for us.
NIB Taylor's & Company 1873 Cattleman 45LC Single Action with 4  3/4" barrel and
beautiful case hardenning only $485
Taylor 45lc
Very Nice slightly used New Model Ruger Bearcat S/A 22lr with a 4" barrel & box only $450
Ruger Bearcat
Slightly used Rossi Ranch Hand .357 with 12" barrel and original box only $500
rossi ranch hand 357
CZ 75 Cold War Commemorative Limited Edition
semi-automatic handgun
4.7" barrel
17 round capacity
Thumb safety
Black synthetic grips
Black finish
3 dot sights
Original spur hammer and round trigger guard
35.2 oz.

It has been 20 years since the fall of communism in Eastern Block. During the Cold War Era CZ pistols could only be sold to the "friendly" communist countries. The Soviet Army left their post in Eastern Europe in 1990-1991. To celebrate the 20 years of freedom CZ-USA offers 999 pieces of the Cold War Replica CZ 75B. This is a 9mm Luger, Cold War Commemorative Edition, black polycoat, original spur hammer and round trigger guard. It also features a Soviet Era Hammer & Sickles symbols as well as Soviet Red Star, and Russian lettering. only asking $600
CZ 75
Nice used Kimber 1911 Custom Carry 45acp with original box for only $900
Kimber 1911 Custom Carry
Nice used Sig Sauer P227 45ACP with 4.5" barrel, 2 magazines, Night Sights and original box only $875
Sig P227
NIB Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm comes with 2 magazines for only $389
Smith Wesson MP Shield 9mm
Used Kimber 1911 semi-auto 22lr only $375
Kimber 1911 22lr
 Very nice used Smith & Wesson Model 63 Revolver D/A S/A 22lr only $500
 Smith Wesson 63
Used Smith & Wesson model 48-2 D/A S/A 22wmr Revolver only $750
Smith Wesson 48 2
Very nice Smith & Wesson Model 48-4 D/A S/A 22wmr Revolver only $750
Smith Wesson 48 4
 Used Taurus PT22 flip up pistol only $220
Taurus PT22
Nice used Rohm S/A  D/A 22lr revolver $135
Used Ruger Mark II with 5.5" barrel 22lr only $300
Ruger Mark II 5 12
Used Ruger Mark II with 7" barrel 22lr only $300
Ruger Mark II 7
Used Ruger MKII semi-auto 22lr with 6" barrel, 2 mags only $285 with "optional" scope & mount for $50 extra
Ruger MKII 22lr
Used High Standard model B semi-auto 22lr with 4 1/2" barrel only $350
High Standard 22lr
Glock 17 Gen 2 semi-auto 9mm, one magazine, Night Sights only $425
Glock 17
 Cobra 45/410  with 3 3/4" barrel and will take 3" shells  only $325
Cobra 45 410
NIB Glock 19 Gen 3 semi auto 9mm with 4" barrel and comes with 2 magazines for $540
Glock 19
 Look at this nice little Smith & Wesson Model 36 Snubby with 2" barrel only $
Karen's Favorite NIB Charter Arms Ultra Carry Lite 38 spl, with 2" barrel awesome grips & trigger $425
Charter Blk
NIB Kimber Ultra Raptor II semi-auto 45acp with a 3" SS Barrel $1225 SALE $1155
rps20170611 151236 302
Lightly used Smith & Wesson SD40 VE semi-auto 40 S&W with 4" barrel & Two 13 rnd magazines $325
Smith Wesson SD40 VE
Very nice used Mitchell Arms 1873 Uberti .357 with 4.75" barrel SS only $450
rps20170426 092906


 H&R Auto Eject 2nd S/A D/A 38 S&W with 3.25" barrel 5th generation  mnf 1897-1904 $225

rps20170328 154929 262


H&R Premier 1st model S/A, D/A in 32 with 3" barrel 5th generation mnf 1899-1903 $175

rps20170328 160549 217


 New Model Remeington RP9 with lots of features:

  • Ergonomic polymer frame fits 95% of all shooters
  • Ambidextrous slide lock
  • “Fighting surface” on rear sight – for one-hand slide operation
  • Optimized grip angle – reduces felt recoil and increases shootability
  • Trigger guard undercut – allows higher hand hold for increased control
  • Drift adjustable sights – easily adjusts sights to user preference
  • Easy loading, double-stack magazines – industry’s highest magazine capacity per caliber
  • PVD finish on slide and barrel for maximum durability
  • Rail under barrel
  • ONLY $415      
  • rps20170124 094438 147


NIB SCCY CPX-2 9mm Double Stack, comes with Two 10 round magazines, safety only $325 each

rps20170310 163120 281


Navy Arms Model 1860 S/A Black Powder .36 with 7.5" barrel $250

rps20161127 144650 563


Remington RM380 semi-auto 380 with 3" barrel and comes with 2 magazines NIB $415

rps20161129 160741 844


Beretta 96A1 semi-auto 40 S&W with 5" barrel & 3 magazines NIB $640 SALE PRICE $575

rps20161129 161333 807


Can you say Taser????? We just got in this Taser model Pulse D/A,it has a 15 ' safe zone, 30 second duration, Laser, Flashlight, Contact Stun, and 2 cartridges only $350

rps20161202 163306 346