Used and New guns

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To purchase a new or used gun from us simply call us at 1-605-662-7468(shot), alternate: 605-891-9082.

Monday-Friday 10am-6pm MST, Saturday 9-1 pm. We will walk you through the process of buying a gun from our site.  You may pay us for the firearm using a credit card.  Locate a firearms dealer in your area that will accept a transfer gun on your behalf.  Once we receive a copy of their Federal Firearms License we can ship your gun to the dealer who will transfer it to you.


We also offer Consignments of your firearms for only a 10% commission and handle all the paperwork and advertising.


 PLEASE BE AWARE: We do not ship guns to the following states:

  • Massachsetts
  • New York, New Jersey
  • California
  • Connecticut.
Also, the cities of Chicago and Washington DC are not shippable for us. 

Used SCCY 9mm with 3.25" barrel, comes with 3 mags and holster only $265
SCCY Blk used
Just in, lightley used VZ58 pistol with Sig Arm Brace. Chambered in 5.56/.223. Made by Czech Small Arms. 11" barrel,
2 mags, all factory gear, factory box and M16 magazine adaptor only $1100
Used Ruger SP101, .357 mag, 4 1/4 " barrel. Fiber optic front sight, factory box $545
Ruger SPS 101
NIB, Smith & Wesson MP9c, 9mm of course, 2 mags, box and back straps only $400
Lightly used, Sig Sauer 2022, 9mm, 1 mag only $550
Sig Sauer 2022 9mm
Beretta M9A3, lightley used, 3 mags. factory box, 5" threaded barrel. $950
Beretta M9A3 Tan
Pre owned CAI Zastava M88A, 9mm, 2 mags, factory box. $$325
CAI Zastava M88A 9mm
Slightley used Springfield XD-E, 9mm, 3.3 " barrel, 2 magazones, factory box only $475 Reduced to $425
Springfield XDE
Ruger Super Redhawk, .454 Casull, 7.5" barrel, rings an 2 power scope included. Another personal gun, I will throw in a box of cartridges only $875
Ruger 454

NIB Springfield Armory Hellcat 9mm compact, comes with 2 mags and night sights only $560
Beretta M9 semi 22lr with a 5.25" barrel and comes with 3 magazines only $560
Beretta M9 22lr
New Walther PPQ-22 semi auto 22lr with a 4" barrel $300
Walther PPQ 22

NIB ISSC/LSI M22 semi-auto 22lr with 4" barrel and comes with 2 mags only $350
Rare find, Smith & Wesson 1917 Brazilian D/A S/A 45 auto rim with 5.5" barrel, .45 Hard Ejector, 12 Full Moon clips/wrench and some ammo.
More info: Brazilian Shield & 1937 Contract Date Stamped on sideplate, 25,000 originally sold to Brazil, 14,000 were imported only $1200 REDUCED to $1075
SW 1917 Brazilian

Nice used Colt 1873 S/A .357 mag 2nd generation mid range with 7.5" barrel only $1725 REDUCED to $1625
Colt 1873 SA 357
Consigned Colt Python with Factory Box and paperwork has the E. Nichel, 4" Barrel only $4500
Colt Cobra

Remington Derringer/SA 41 Rimfire (functions but top link is broke) Wall Hanger $325
Rem 41 Derringer